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Jun 23, 2022

It's June, and your kids are either home now or about to be home for the whole summer.  That is three unstructured months of chaos ahead of you... cue panic!

Wait! It doesn't have to be!

You asked; I answered: What does Patricia's summer schedule look like? 

With a few minutes of planning, you'll create a flexible structure to fit any family during the summer break and all year long. 

No need to panic nor roll your eyes at me! Having a schedule doesn't mean you're stuck with a minute-by-minute inflexible itinerary sucking the fun out of every hour. Your summer vacation can still be full of fun and freedom and impromptu activities without you losing your sanity on the daily.

Having a running list of activities to keep everyone entertained keeps my stress down and decision fatigue low. There's no scrambling around in the morning trying to figure out, "Mom, what are we going to do today?" Or the wasted mornings where I can't figure out what the answer is, and all of a sudden its lunchtime, and I still don't know what we're going to do today, and it's half over!

Today we're walking through what the schedule setup looks like, as well as how I have implemented that framework for our family with specifics on time and activities. Our family has used this basic schedule for multiple years, and we adapt it as our kids grow from babies to toddlers to preschoolers to elementary school to adults (that's for me, the mom.) 

**Note: This episode originally aired in June of 2021. As I take a break for the summer and quality time with my family, I'm sharing episodes that will help you get ready for the summer, support you with some integral support skills for ADHD, and then get ready for the new school year.

To hang out with me over the summer, you can:

1) hop on over to our free Facebook community to meet your people and feel like you're not a weirdo -AND/OR- 

2) join me on Wednesdays during our weekly meetings by signing up for my course, Daily Planning for ADHD Moms, where you'll get your day organized and actually show up for stuff mostly on time, or my program, Time Management Mastery for ADHD Moms where you'll create the best daily routine for you and your family that your ADHD brain will actually be okay with following. Get stuff done while you love your life & your brain. 

I'm cooking up some other stuff behind the scenes. Plus, I'll see you in the fall with brand new episodes! Talk to you then, Successful Mama! 

Read the transcript and view the show notes on the Motherhood in ADHD blog.