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Dec 9, 2021

Don't "manage emotions". Understand them instead.

Dr. Laura Froyen is our guest this week and she digs into the underlying causes that propel our kiddo's BIG FEELINGS.

Listen to this episode to learn more about:

  • Understanding the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown
  • Why and when our children might need to "borrow" regulation from us
  • How to react and what to say when your child seems inconsolable
  • The importance of allowing feelings and emotions to move through the body without getting stuck

Learning more about emotional regulation helps us ALL understand our big feelings and unpack the root cause behind the emotion.

The way she speaks with kindness and patience in her voice is not only because she is a professional in the field of emotional regulation, she's also a mother...a mother with ADHD at that.

So she gets it, Successful Mama. We can do this!

Teaching a child how to self-regulate their emotions can feel like an uphill battle, especially when we struggle with it ourselves. But with the right information and the right support...YOU CAN make progress and YOU WILL help your child understand the information UNDER the emotion. You got this.

Speaking of support and resources, head over to my website to download a plethora of helpful ADHD tools and resources to help you navigate your world as an ADHD mom. Download your free resources at

Oh - and I popped in a little hint about an upcoming surprise I have in store for you. Make sure you tune in next week to see what it is!

Post any tactics you've found to help your kiddo through their BIG emotions in the comments. The more information the better!

Dr. Lauren Froyen has her Ph.D. in human development and family studies and has been helping individuals, partners, and co-parents become the parents they truly want to be. She uses her experience specializing in marriage and family therapy to help restore balance and compassion to families while bringing calm and JOY back into their daily lives. Follow her on Instagram and check out her podcast here. You can also join her Facebook Community here.

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