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May 23, 2024

When you feel like a BIG loser and failure…

Eryn asks for help: “I'm always disappointed in myself that when faced with one small obstacle, I give up and cave on everything I've worked so hard to build and then it takes me WEEKS just to summon the effort/courage to get back on track - whether with diet/exercise, my small business, supporting my husband in his own business, or keeping a consistent routine for my 4 kids. It's so defeating and, as a wife & mom, makes me feel like the BIGGEST loser and failure.”

Struggles and frustration are bound to come while parenting, especially with ADHD in the mix.

It’s especially frustrating when you’ve worked so hard to establish habits and they seem to fall apart when the slightest thing changes!

How can you pick back up where you were and feel successful in the habits you’ve built? 

Today, I’m covering 3 questions I ask myself when things feel too hard and I want to give up. I hope they help you get back on the horse, too!


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