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Motherhood in ADHD – Parenting with ADHD, Productivity Tips, Brain based Science, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Education to Help Moms with Adult ADHD

May 19, 2022

You should be able to get your kids to school on time.

You should be able to remember all your appointments. 

You should be able to handle life without medications. 

So many moms with ADHD have a habit of should-ing all over themselves.

Because we're still fighting the shame, embarrassment, and stigma associated with adult ADHD diagnosis. 

During “Medication May” on the Motherhood in ADHD podcast, we want to encourage you to replace all your “shoulds” with “deserve.”

You deserve to be able to get your kids to school on time. 

You deserve to be able to remember your appointments. 

You deserve mediation so you can handle your life better. 

This episode features Board-Certified Pediatrician and ADHD Specialist Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells. As a doctor, and a mom with ADHD, she’s very familiar with the shame, stigma, and “shoulds”.

In part one of this two-part conversation, you’ll hear about:

- The hidden strengths in ADHDers

- The pros and cons of “leaning in” to your ADHD brain and doing things differently

- How the ADHD community can work to fight the shame and stigma of seeking treatment or medication for ADHD

- Why getting treated for your ADHD is never a “waste of resources”

- How to handle the fear and potential shame of telling friends and family you have ADHD

- And more!

Thank you, Dr. Parcells – for sharing your stories and insights!

In 11 weeks, you’ll set up a smooth, low-stress plan for your mom-life by designing your daily rhythms and routines fit for your ADHD brain. Time Management Mastery for ADHD Moms is starting NOW! Join us here:

Connect with Dr. Parcells, read the transcript, and view the show notes on the Motherhood in ADHD blog.