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Jun 1, 2023

Avoid religion and politics! 

While that’s usually great advice, today I’m not following it. 

Many mamas have asked me to do this episode for at least a year and I didn’t feel qualified. So I did what any good ADHD-er does, and procrastinated on this episode, ha! Until my conversation with Laura Matteson on Episode 183...I knew it was time.

My faith is a big part of who I am, why I started this podcast, and how I make my choices.

So I’m sharing my story: my childhood and my past, my self-loathing and self-doubt, and how I became a Christian. My spiritual beliefs shape who I am, how I live, what I share, and the decisions I make. I also discuss how I believe that ADHD and Christianity can exist together. 

This is not an episode where I quote a bunch of scripture and tell you what you should believe. I didn’t create a community of ADHD Moms so that I could help only the people who look and sound like me or believe the exact same thing that I do. Ew.

Our ADHD Mom community exists to support all types of moms with ADHD, and I will fiercely protect this safe space. Anyone who chooses to be divisive or disrespectful can see their way out until they are ready to see the people as people.

My hope is that you feel comfortable asking questions respectfully, and curious enough to listen to a perspective that is likely different from your own, both for the mamas who are and are not Christian.

Here’s another layer of me,

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