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Mar 31, 2023

What’s your most shameful secret you’re hiding in your closet of skeletons?  Today I’m sharing one of mine: the way I had been treating my family.

It was… not good.

Correction, it was a poop show.

This time last year, I was overwhelmed by life and I had lost my joy.

I was secretly an angry mom who yelled every time I got frustrated. 

I was a closet doom spiral-er who was ready to fight at every comment from my husband. 

Because of it, lies like “you’re a terrible mother” and “my partner is always criticizing me” played on repeat 24/7 in my mind. = Level 10 B.S.

The shame layered on thick and the denial of how bad it had gotten was no longer ignorable.

Come on my journey of the last 12 months where I went from full-blown RSD (rejection sensitivity dysphoria) plus trauma response disaster zone to my current place of calm, forgiveness, and grace when I mess up. Cuz I’m still human. 

My hope is that if this is you, too, you’ll join me in Lighthouse, my group coaching program that starts next month. 

Because you and your family are worth it.

Full Stop.

Links mentioned in this episode:

• Lighthouse Group Coaching for Emotional Regulation enrollment ends April 4th or when all 8 spots are filled:

• Time Management Mastery for ADHD Moms also closes April 4th:

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