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Nov 24, 2022

Thank you, sweet mama!

In the US, it’s Thanksgiving today and I’m so thankful for you and this community.

And to say thank you, I’m sharing my Black Friday specials today. You can grab them through Cyber Monday with the coupon codes on my website.

If you’ve been thinking of joining me for a course, community, or coaching in 2023, this weekend is the best time to do it!

You can join Successful Mama Meetups for a sweet deal, grab a gift certificate for 10%-15% off, or get a PatriciaPay bonus of 10% on your purchase this weekend.

If you’re not sure what to put on your holiday wish list, might I suggest a gift certificate for next year’s annual ADHD Moms retreat, coaching, or learning more about your ADHD.

Have a great holiday weekend and I’ll talk to you next week, Successful Mama!

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