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Jun 2, 2022

Stimulant medication for ADHD is a hot-button topic. 

Everyone has something to say -- your friends, your coworkers, your uncle's cousin's brother's barber, and of course, the internet. 

They'll tell you about the person they knew who "went crazy" on stimulants.  

They'll tell you how ADHD medication will change your personality or turn you into a zoned-out zombie. 

They'll tell you, you probably don't need medication unless you're struggling in school or at work. 

SO when that small voice inside of you asks, "Could medication help?" It's hard to hear it through all that noise.

And while most people are well-meaning, most of the negative stories you hear about stimulant medications for ADHD are utter nonsense.

It's "Medication May" (and June) on the Motherhood in ADHD podcast, and we're continuing our series with an episode dedicated to busting myths about stimulant medication. And boy, are there a lot of 'em!

But we're just choosing 10 for this episode, including:

- Will ADHD medication make me a zombie? 

- Is medication just for kids? 

- Can ADHD medication become addicting? 

- Do I need periodic breaks from my medication? 

- Is coffee a safer alternative to stimulant medication? 

- And 5 more pervasive myths you won't want to miss! 

This isn't medical advice. The point of this series is to take away the fear and shame of taking ADHD medication and to arm you with quality information so you can make the right decision for yourself and your life.

And hopefully, you can serve as an educator to the people in your circle with mistaken beliefs about ADHD medication.

And we can end the stigma together. 


This material is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or a trained medical professional to find the treatment plan that best fits your personal situation.


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Read the transcript and view the show notes on the Motherhood in ADHD blog.