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Motherhood in ADHD – Parenting with ADHD, Productivity Tips, Brain based Science, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Education to Help Moms with Adult ADHD

Feb 10, 2022

Not all experts are created equal. 

There’s literally an expert for EVERYTHING under the sun. 

Productivity, positivity, mindfulness, fashion, health, wellness, love, parenting…

Pick any topic and there’s someone shouting their opinions about it.

Yes, they offer tons of information, insight, and guidance and help LOTS of people. 

The problem is…many of these experts are spouting advice from a neurotypical brain FOR a neurotypical brain. 

Now don’t get it twisted…I’m not saying ADHD brains can’t latch on and get great value from some of those experts.

What I’m saying is there’s a big gap in the information given and how ADHD brains processes that information. 

And for ADHD moms who are trying to get their crap together and finally start having FUN being as a mother…all of this “expert” advice can leave them feeling frustrated, defeated, and totally helpless. 

Have you ever found a system from the latest productivity book and tried implementing it in your life and it just didn’t work?

Did you think, “I’m trying all these things they say to do…WHHHHY won’t these strategies work for me!?”

Well, on today’s episode we’ll talk with an ADHD mom and Time Management Mastery student, Amanda, about her journey with ADHD. She talks about how she kicked non-ADHD standards out the window and opted for ADHD systems created BY and FOR ADHD brains. 

We cover #allthethings including:

- Common ADHD misdiagnosis (bipolar, anxiety, depression)
- How Time Management Mastery was developed and how it helps
- Why learning to manage our time is important for our kids 
- Creating a system that builds in FLEXIBILITY for ADHD
- Overcoming obstacles and finding JOY in being an ADHD mom

If you often struggle with managing your day-to-day life…I encourage you to join the waitlist for Time Management Mastery for ADHD Moms. 

Amanda's story is a true testament of what can happen when ADHD moms finally decide to do things differently and create systems that work for THEIR minds. 

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