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Motherhood in ADHD – Parenting with ADHD, Productivity Tips, Brain based Science, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Education to Help Moms with Adult ADHD

Dec 16, 2021

Feeling stuck is temporary...when you have the right tools.

Understanding how YOUR brain actually works makes it easier to establish systems and create a plan that will work for YOUR brain. Plain and simple.

Simple...but not necessarily easy.

Let's just say ADHD and executive function aren't great friends.

What does that mean for us? It means we end up fighting our brains in a battle royale of figuring out what the MOST important thing is we should be doing at any given time.

Many times it feels like we're stuck trying to solve the longest word problem in 12th-grade algebra. Ain't nobody got time for that!

ESPECIALLY for moms. It's a real challenge for ADHD brains.

But if I had to guess I'd say you're the type of mom that's always up for a good challenge.

In today's episode, we talk all about why moms with ADHD struggle with prioritizing and what to do so you can actually stick with your plan.

Did you know there’s a place where you can get your calendar and to-do list organized one step at a time, so you enjoy more time with your kids while feeling confident + capable in your day... even when your ADHD hijacks your plan.

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Looking for a little more added support? There’s a place for you!



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