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Motherhood in ADHD – Parenting with ADHD, Productivity Tips, Brain based Science, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Education to Help Moms with Adult ADHD

Sep 9, 2021

What do you do when you are struggling to meet a goal and aren’t sure what to do next?

There is help available! An ADHD Coach can help you find a tailored solution to overcome your obstacles.

Perhaps you’ve heard of ADHD Coaching, but aren’t sure what it is or if it’s right for you.

Let’s discuss:
• what is ADHD Coaching
• how to find the right ADHD coach for you
• should you choose a life coach who specializes in ADHD
• what questions to ask a prospective ADHD Coach
• what to look for in a coaching relationship
• red flags in your first meeting with an ADHD Coach
• how to tell if a coach is the "real deal", and
• how to work through the fear of scheduling a discovery call with a new coach.

Jessica Heimsoth of Every Thought Captive Coaching joins us to break down the process and highlights thoughts to consider when searching for a perfect ADHD coach for you.

Jessica (@EveryThoughtCaptiveCoaching) works with the adult Christian ADHD community to not only help them find solutions for working with their own brains but also give them practical tools and resources that fit their individual needs. She works with her clients by creating customized client-focused strategies for things like goal-setting, emotional regulation, accountability, and improving relationships (just to name a few!). Her goal is to help you with YOUR goals and help you become the best version of yourself, ADHD and all.

Jessica shares her own ADHD journey from wanting to be a novelist, to her own late ADHD diagnosis, to how she manages ADHD as a mother. Her biggest triumph is when she's teaching Christians with ADHD how to get unstuck while taking control of their lives and giving God ALL of the glory.

There's SO MUCH good stuff in this one, mama! I can not wait to see how you thrive with the right help, Successful Mama.

Learn more about Jessica and ADHD Coaching on her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Big thanks to Jessica for sharing her knowledge and her compassion for those of us living with ADHD. The community appreciates you and all you do!

Click here for show notes and transcription.