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Motherhood in ADHD – Parenting with ADHD, Productivity Tips, Brain based Science, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Education to Help Moms with Adult ADHD

Mar 25, 2021

Our guest this week is Anna Rubano, of In Tune with Anna K. We're talking about self care for moms who have ADHD and we're talking about food choices. This is a sore spot for a lot of us moms. How do we plan for healthy eating when we're barely surviving on handfuls of goldfish crackers and sandwich scraps leftover from our toddler? Take a deep breath and relax. This isn't a chat on the benefits of paleo vs. keto, or how to count your macros.
Anna will encourage you no matter what your food choices currently are. Our discussion isn't about what you look like, or achieving that goal weight, or the perfect meal plan. Instead, we talk about:
-how can we take care of ourselves through making small changes in our food choices
-using food as fuel to nourish our bodies and feed our ADHD brains
-how Anna stays committed when she does not have motivation
-what you can do to get started when you are feeling overwhelmed
-ideas on how to stick to your meal plan when you don't really feel like eating that thing any more
Anna is a holistic health coach, helping women integrate whole health into their lives, looking beyond just healthy food choices to what is happening off the plate and in your life. She's not pushing diet culture. Instead she guides women on how to work on our physical health with big picture view - not nitpicking the details - which is a great match for our ADHD brains.
Taking care of yourself is a basic requirement of living - like food and water - not a luxury item. Self-care can and must be done in every stage of motherhood. Get ready - let's figure out what self-care truly fits you. You are worthy. You are valuable. You are not alone.
Anna's journey is part of our March Mama Madness Series. Be sure to listen to part 1, when Anna shares her ADHD diagnosis story of being diagnosed later in life after her son was diagnosed with ADHD. We covered aaaaaaall the feelings of shame starting in childhood, feeling like we're not good enough, and the grief & relief of having your diagnosis. Anna's soft spoken strength gives us hope that we can find our strength, too. Get ready to laugh and cringe as you hear parts of your life woven through Anna's story as she shares her ADHD journey with us, and witness her honesty and vulnerability through her struggles with ADHD. Come'on. Meet your fellow Successful ADHD Mama.
Click here for the Show notes and transcription. 
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