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Feb 4, 2021

After years of failed New Year's Resolutions, I've adopted a Word of the Year. A Word of the Year is significantly more ADHD friendly than resolutions, as it is flexible enough for an entire year (hello, commitment phobes), holds space for gray area (hello, black and white thinkers), leaves a lot less room for failure (hello, shame spiral and perfectionists) with infinite possibilities (hello, big dreamers). It's a match made in heaven! Plus I've stuck with it for several years in a row, which is more than I can say for resolutions. Is a Word of the Year right for you?
Need help picking a word of the year? Check out this guide from Paula Engebretson of the I'm Busy Being Awesome podcast.
Why I chose Failure in 2020: Episode 46 (I know, it's kinda laughable in hindsight.)
Download the notes from Episode 77 on how to succeed at New Year's Resolutions here:
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